Rochester Chloride Management Plan

State and national studies indicate that Minnesota's Twin Cities are experiencing chloride contamination that is similar to other metropolitan areas. Given this knowledge and assuming that the same conditions applied in urban areas throughout the state, the Freshwater Society felt it would be appropriate to expand the Metropolitan Area Chloride Project actions to the largest cities in greater MN. They applied for a Federal 319 Grant to develop a Chloride Management Program which focuses on the top three of the most populated cities outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area-- Rochester, Mankato and St. Cloud. The grant project goal was to engage public officials, businesses and citizens in a facilitated planning process to increase their understanding of chloride pollution and ways to reduce it at organizational and personal levels. A collaborative Chloride Management Plan would be developed that would be presented to City Councils and County Boards and disseminated in electronic formats to the public. The project began with Rochester in February 2013 and the entire project will be completed in 2016.
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