Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodology Toward a Compendium of Best Practices First Edition

This document outlines an iterative process, a series of steps, for improving states', territories', and authorized tribes' monitoring and assessment programs. The first step is documentation of the decision making process for attainment of water quality standards (WQS) and making that process available to the public. The second step is ensuring that monitoring designs provide data to support management decisions, including the WQS attainment status of waters. The third step is updating decision making methodologies as more high-quality data become available. This document will provide information to states and other jurisdictions responsible for collecting data and information on water quality that are used for • Determining the status of attainment for waters within their jurisdiction • Identifying waters that are impaired and need to be included in Category 5 of the Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report (i.e., the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) list). Hereinafter Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report is referred to as the Integrated Report.
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