Field Report -- Biofiltration and RO combined to Address Water Quality Challenges

This article discusses an effort by the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota, to provide clean water to its residents and also accommodate the local manufacturing companies that have brought jobs to the area. Water quality issues addressed by City officials include the following: aggressive water chemistry that was causing copper to leach into the water distribution system and the wastewater plant's effluent and biosolids; the chemical used by the plant to minimize copper corrosion had increased phosphorus loading and caused concern for the city's high-tech manufacturing industries, as well as some environmental issues; and, significant concentrations of ammonia were identified in the source water, and alkalinity was also high. The solution involved a novel approach that included a two-part process that combined reverse osmosis (RO) with biologically activated filtration for iron and ammonia treatment. By blending water from the two processes, hardness/ alkalinity was reduced through RO, and iron and ammonia were removed through biofiltration.
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