Buffalo River Watershed Lake Classification Approach

This report addresses the classification / grouping of lakes in the Buffalo River Watershed (BRW) as described in Task 9 of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) contract #B55092: Buffalo River Watershed Approach Plan Phase 2. A main goal of the MPCA's Watershed Approach is to develop plans that are protective of waters where conditions are excellent and restorative of waters where conditions are impaired. These plans will include strategies to guide management activities, priorities and policies, including those activities as they pertain to lakes. The management strategies developed for the BRW Approach Plan will be informed by various findings from Phase 2 of the work, including results of modeling to be completed in future tasks. Creating models for each of the over 300 lakes in the BRW is not a realistic goal. An approach is, therefore, needed to develop more generalized models that are reflective of water quality processes in the lakes of the BRW, in general, and to use those models to inform management of the individual lakes of the area. Other information that may influence the management of these lakes is also sought. Herein we provide select background information pertaining to lakes within the BRW, describe the information that was gathered or computed for the 300+ waterbodies to support lake management, discuss the methods that were used to group the lakes for statistical analysis, and summarize the results of these analyses. Overall results include the development of example lakes (one to represent each lake group) which will be used in future tasks to model anticipated eutrophication response. The product of this work is information to support lake management activities within the BRW"
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