2015 SSTS Annual Report Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems in Minnesota

Each year, LGUs with SSTS programs are required to complete a report documenting their SSTS activities. Local SSTS programs occur at four governmental levels: 1) county, 2) city, 3) township, and 4) other or special purpose units (i.e.,Water Management District, Joint Powers Board). Minn. R. ch. 7082.0040 specifies the content of the SSTS Annual Reports and requires them be submitted by February 1 each year for the previous calendar year. The MPCA sent out the annual reports electronically in December 2015 to each known local SSTS program by e-mail. Known LGUs received the 2015 Annual Report instructions and an individual questionnaire in Excel spreadsheet format. Each spreadsheet included prior responses over several years so that the LGU staff could view their previous responses and develop an analysis of their own SSTS program. The purpose of the SSTS Annual Report is to: 1) obtain detailed information about each SSTS program and 2) summarize relevant information into a statewide annual report. The annual report is also used to help track the number of sewage tanks installed to ensure payment of the $25 tank fee by licensed SSTS installers. Tank fees were approved by the legislature in 2003 to help fund SSTS compliance efforts in the state.
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