Lake Assessment Program - Lake Volney, LeSueur County

Lake Volney was sampled by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) during the summers of 1985 and 1986 as a part of the Lake Assessment Program (LAP). This pilot program was designed to assist lake associations in the collection of baseline lake water quality data for the purpose of assessing the current trophic status of their lake and to assist in the development of lake management strategies. Lake Volney exhibited very high phosphorus concentrations in the summer of 1986, averaging 0.160 mg P/1. Relative to a sample of about 1,100 Minnesota Lakes, it would rank at about the 92nd percentile based on this concentration or that about 92% of the lakes exhibit lower values. This high phosphorus concentration produced blooms of algae throughout the summer. However, 1986 average chlorophyll~ values were lower than predicted probably due to the effects of the weather (i.e. it was a wet year) and the presence of blue-green algae. Lake Volney would be classified as hypereutrophic based upon these measurements. Lake Volney has much greater in-lake nutrient and chlorophyll (algae) concentrations than the regional average. Phosphorus is reaching the lake at rates 3-10 times what would be generally expected based upon land uses.
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