Coon Creek Watershed District Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Report (WRAPS)

Streams in the Coon CreekWatershed are polluted with bacteria, excess nutrients (including phosphorus), and sediment. Stream bank erosion and stormwater runoff are having a negative effect on the watershed's water quality. Urban development and agricultural activities in the watershed have resulted in runoff that carries excess phosphorus, sediment, and bacteria into bodies of water that degrades water quality and is harmful to aquatic life. The intent of this Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy report (WRAPS) was to develop a scientifically-based restoration and protection strategy for the Coon Creek Watershed. This WRAPS summarizes past efforts to monitor water quality, identifies impaired water bodies and those in need of protection, and identifies strategies for restoring and protecting water quality in the watershed. The strategies included in this report target point and non-point sources of pollution and include, riparian buffers, streambank stabilizations, stormwater retrofits, street sweeping, and education and outreach.
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