Lake Assessment Program - Bowstring Lake, Itasca County

Bowstring Lake is a 9,220-acre lake in north-central Itasca County within the Bigfork River watershed. Bowstring Lake is approximately 12 miles north of Deer River, MN and is located in the Northern Lakes and Forests Ecoregion. The lake has a maximum depth of 32 ft and 4,736 littoral acres. Four public accesses are located around the lake. Bowstring Lake is connected to Sand Lake through a navigable channel. The total watershed for Bowstring Lake is 201.76 square miles. A lake water quality model was used to estimate the water quality of the lakes based on morphometry and watershed characteristics. This models provides a means to compare the measured water quality of the lake relative to the predicted water quality. The modeling application Minnesota Lake Eutrophication Analysis Procedure (MINLEAP) predicted a summer-mean total phosphorus concentration of 24?g/L using NLF ecoregion inputs. This is different than the observed total phosphorus concentration of 44 ug/L. These results indicated that the water quality of Bowstring Lake is degraded compared to expected water quality based on MINLEAP (for lakes of similar size, depth, and region of the state).
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