2014 Study of the Water Quality of 169 Metropolitan Area Lakes

This report is the latest in a continuing series of reports summarizing results of the annual lake monitoring program of the Metropolitan Council (METC) in the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area (TCMA). The METC has collected water quality data on area lakes since 1980. This report contains data from a total of 184 lake sites on 169 lakes monitored in 2014. The monitoring program in 2014 included 7 lakes and 7 newly established lake sites not previously monitored by the Council. To date, the METC's lake monitoring program (including monitoring by METC staff and volunteers) has provided an important tool for making informed lake management decisions. Data from our regional lake monitoring program are frequently used to determine possible trends in lake water quality, estimate expected ranges in water quality of non- monitored lakes, examine intra-and inter-regional differences, determine potential water quality impairments, and investigate the relationships between land use and water quality.
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