2016 Nonpoint Priority Funding Plan

The Nonpoint Priority Funding Plan (NPFP) is a criteria-based process to prioritize Clean Water Fund nonpoint implementation investments. It provides state agencies with a coordinated, transparent and adaptive method to ensure that Clean Water Fund implementation allocations are targeted to cost-effective actions with measurable water quality results. Version 1.0 of the NPFP (Appendix A) was foundational and continues to provide guidance on how to prioritize nonpoint implementation actions at the State level. With only one fiscal year of funding distributed thus far, this update does not evaluate, reassess or change the three high level State priorities or the nine criteria established in the first version. The primary focus of this update is to: - Provide specific examples on the progress made to date on how the NPFP is being used to guide and prioritize nonpoint implementation actions at the State level. - Provide updated financial information from the FY18-19 biennial budget request (BBR). The intent of this update is not to provide accountability of Clean Water Fund programs, nor track the progress made using Clean Water Funds. Two case studies are provided (on Page 12; in Section 4 of this update) as examples of efforts currently underway; demonstrating how statewide water quality goals translate to local sub-watershed actions.
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