Big Swan Lake - 77-0023-00 Lake Water Quality

Big Swan Lake is located 9 miles southeast of Long Prairie, MN in Todd County. It is a long lake covering 887 acres (Table 1). Big Swan Lake has four inlets and one outlet, which classify it as a drainage lake. It is the headwaters of the Swan River. Water enters Big Swan Lake from Long Lake to the East, Lady Lake to the south, and from origin streams to the west. The Swan River exits Big Swan Lake to the north and joins up with the Mississippi River to the east, just south of Little Falls. Water quality data have been collected on Big Swan Lake since 1980 (Tables 2 & 3). These data show that the lake is eutrophic (TSI = 56) with moderately clear water conditions. Big Swan Lake has an organized association and Lake Improvement District that is involved in activities such as water quality monitoring, lake protection and education.
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