Pioneer-Sarah Creek Subewatershed Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Report

The Pioneer-Sarah Creek (PSC) Subwatershed is approximately 70 square miles, and lies mostly in western Hennepin County. The subwatershed is in portions of the North Fork Crow River and South Fork Crow River Watersheds of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. The subwatershed encompasses a diverse landscape that is dominated by undeveloped and agricultural land, with some areas having significant portions of natural resource-based park/preserve areas as well. This Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) report summarizes past efforts to monitor water quality, identifies impaired water bodies and those in need of protection, and includes strategies for restoring and protecting lakes and streams in the watershed. In general, most lakes in the watershed are impaired by excess nutrients and need to be restored, and the streams are impaired by bacteria. Little Long Lake and Lake Rebecca are currently meeting water quality standards and fully support recreation use. Protection strategies are included in this report to ensure that these lakes continue to be high quality lakes in the watershed.
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