Peltier Lake and Centerville Lake TMDL

Peltier Lake and Centerville Lake were listed as impaired waters by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) in the 2002 303d list. The impaired use is aquatic recreation, with the stressor identified as "nutrient/ eutrophication biological indicators." The Centerville Lake watershed lies entirely within the Peltier Lake watershed. The Peltier Lake and Centerville Lake watersheds are located in the central portion of the Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD), which lies entirely within the North Central Hardwood Forest Ecoregion. Portions of 13 cities/townships and three counties are contained in the Peltier Lake watershed, while the Centerville Lake watershed contains portions of two cities and one county. Phosphorus was identified as the main pollutant causing the impairment. The Minnesota state eutrophication standards were used to calculate the total maximum daily load (TMDL) for both lakes. (At the outset of this project an alternative water quality endpoint was proposed for Peltier Lake. This endpoint was a natural background condition standard and was based on paleolimnological diatom reconstructions done by the Science Museum of Minnesota for Peltier Lake. At this time, however, a formal natural background condition standard is not being proposed for Peltier Lake. Thus, only the current state eutrophication standards will apply. However, information and results relating to the previously sought natural background condition standard will remain in this TMDL document solely for reference
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