Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes Nutrient TMDL

This Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study addresses a nutrient impairment in Bass Lake and two lakes in its contributing watershed -- Schmidt and Pomerleau Lakes. The goal of this TMDL is to quantify the pollutant reductions needed to meet the water quality standards for nutrients in Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes. The Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes TMDL for nutrients is being established in accordance with Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act because the State of Minnesota has determined waters in the Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes exceed the State established standards for nutrients. This TMDL provides waste load allocations (WLAs) and load allocations (LAs) for these three lakes. Based on the State standard for nutrients, the TMDL establishes a numeric target of 40 μg/L total phosphorus concentration for Pomerleau Lake and 60 μg/L total phosphorus for Schmidt and Bass Lakes. Schmidt, Pomerleau and Bass Lakes were placed on the 2002 State of Minnesota's 303(d) list of impaired waters. Each was identified for impairment of aquatic recreation (swimming). Bass and Schmidt Lakes are highly used recreational water bodies with opportunities for fishing and swimming as well as providing habitat and aesthetic values, while Pomerleau has limited public access. Water quality does not meet state standards for nutrient concentrations and thus is not supportive of aquatic recreation.
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