Implementation Plan for the Lake St. Croix Nutrient Total maximum Daily Load

The St. Croix River, its tributary streams and rivers, and Lake St. Croix are highly valued resources that provide exceptional recreational opportunities and support diverse wildlife in and out of the water. However, over the years eutrophication, or nutrient enrichment, has occurred in Lake St. Croix due to increasing amounts of phosphorus entering the lake from the watershed. The elevated level of phosphorus in Lake St. Croix results in algae blooms which diminish the enjoyment and use of the lake and impact the ecologic integrity. Elevated phosphorus levels not only impact Lake St. Croix, but also impact tributary streams, rivers, and lakes throughout the watershed. While progress has been made in recent years to understand and reduce the amount of phosphorus finding its way into streams and lakes, much work remains. This Implementation Plan represents an important step in the improvement of Lake St. Croix, and the entire St. Croix River Basin, by establishing a path forward for achieving the needed reduction in the loading of phosphorus from the watershed.communities and landowners in the St. Croix Basin will need to reduce phosphorus in wastewater treatment facility discharges and storm water runoff from urban, residential, agricultural, and forestry land. Restoration of water quality depends upon local support as many phosphorus reduction activities will require voluntary efforts on privately owned land areas. Effective watershed management involves citizens, landowners, state and local government agencies, and non-profit agencies all working together to sustainably manage local water resources. This Implementation Plan presents the essential components of a watershed based plan to restore and protect Lake St. Croix and its tributary streams from the impacts of excessive phosphorus loadings.
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