Lake St. Croix Total Maximum Daily Load 2015 Progress Report

This is the first progress report on phosphorus reduction activities in the St. Croix Basin by partners in Wisconsin and Minnesota since US EPA approval of the Lake St. Croix Total Maximum Daily Load in 2012 and the subsequent Implementation Plan approval in 2015. Although this report is required as part of EPA's approval of the Implementation Plan, it is also a good way for all partners involved to track our progress and learn from each other as we work to protect the water quality and habitat of the excellent water resources that comprise the St. Croix Basin. This first effort reports accomplishments mainly from survey responses from the County Land and Water Resource Departments in the Basin on Best Management Practices (hereafter BMPs) and educational efforts. It is very likely that many more projects were completed by a myriad of partners and individuals than what is reported herein. Our upcoming challenge is to secure uniform quantification methods and a basin-wide tracking system for more complete and accurate future reports.
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