South Fork Crow River Lakes Excess Nutrients TMDL Report

in the Crow River watershed. The goal of this TMDL is to quantify the pollutant reductions needed to meet State water quality standards for nutrients in the lakes of Eagle (10-0121), Oak (10-0093), and Swede (10-0095). The South Fork Crow River lakes are located in Carver County, west of the Twin Cities Metro. All lakes are in areas that are primarily rural. The Western suburbs of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area are experiencing moderate to high levels of development and there is increasing awareness of water quality issues by the public. With the exception of Eagle Lake, the lakes are not currently used for recreation beyond their aesthetic values, fishing, and some boating, although there is interest from local citizens to improve the lakes for swimming within Oak and Swede. Swimming at Eagle Lake is possible through beach access within a County Park. Water quality in all three lakes is considered poor with frequent algal blooms. Monitoring data in the South Fork Crow River chain of lakes suggest that it is a highly productive system, with the greatest water quality problems occurring in Swede Lake.
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