Bois de Sioux River Watershed: Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Stressor Identification Report

This report documents the efforts that were taken to identify the causes, and to some degree the source(s), of impairments to aquatic biological communities in the Bois de Sioux River Watershed (BdSRW). Information on the Stressor Identification (SID) process can be found on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website. The Red River Biotic Impairment Assessment Report (EOR, 2009) investigated and discussed stressors across the whole Red River Basin (RRB). Due to the fact that geographical patterns, land use, and soils are very similar throughout much of the RRB, particularly watersheds that are more closely tied to the Red River Valley (the exception being the Red Lake Watershed), the stressors defined in that report are likely to occur in most of these RRB watersheds. The listed stressors included: "...instream sediment from field and gully erosion, intermittent stream flow, channelization, pesticides, low dissolved oxygen, high temperature, and fish passage blockage" as being the most likely/influential stressors in the Red River Basin (see EOR 2009, Table 22, where relative rankings of each stressor were made based on stream drainage area categories).
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