Commitment to Quality Drinking Water Protection in Minnesota—1995

Ensuring the safety of our drinking water is one of the most fundamental—and most critical responsibilities of modem public health. In fact, safe drinking water has been a key ingredient in some of the greatest public health achievements of the last half century—including the dramatic reductions in disease and improvements in longevity that we now tend to take for granted. Along with other basic public health measures like immunization, drinking water protection has played a crucial role in building a safer and healthier society. We need to remain vigilant if we are to protect those past gains. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is strongly committed to safeguarding the quality of our drinking water, and as part of that commitment, we routinely monitor all of our state's public water supply systems for a broad range of chemical and biological contaminants. Beginning last year, we added a new element to our drinking water protection efforts. Although the results of our monitoring activities have always been available to the public, we took the step of formally releasing—for the first time—summary information on our monitoring activities for the entire previous year. MDH believes that educating the public about water quality issues is an important element of drinking water protection. For that reason, we now plan to release summary information on our monitoring activities on an annual basis. This report provides information on water testing results—and actions taken on the basis of that information—during calendar year 1995. We hope this information will provide the people of Minnesota with a clearer picture of what's being done to protect their drinking water, and what those monitoring efforts have revealed about drinking water quality in the state.
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