Potato Lake

Potato Lake is located about six miles north of Park Rapids, Minnesota. It covers 2,100 acres and has a horseshoe shape. Potato Lake has two main inlets and one outlet, which classifies it as a drainage lake. The main inlet enters from Eagle Lake to the northwest. The second inlet flows in from Blue Lake. A third intermittent inlet enters on the north side of the lake from a wetland. The outlet, the Potato River, flows out of the south end of the lake and into Fish Hook Lake. From there it joins the Fish Hook River and eventually the Crow Wing River. Water quality data have been collected on Potato Lake since 1990 (Table 3). These data show that the lake is mesotrophic, which is characterized by moderately clear water throughout the summer and excellent recreational opportunities. The Potato Lake Association was incorporated in 1987 and is very active. They are involved in many activities, including water quality monitoring, lake level monitoring, fishery management input to the DNR, advocating for healthy lakeshore development, aquatic invasive species education, loon nesting projects, shoreland surveys, education, and newsletter distribution. They are also a member of the Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA).
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