Clean Water Fund, Performance Report: A report of Clean Water Funds invested, actions taken and outcomes achieved

Minnesotans care deeply about the state's natural resources and cultural heritage, Since the first decades of statehood, Minnesota has responded to many water quality and other natural resource challenged. For instance, through state, federal and private actions, we have made great strides in protecting drinking water supplies and reducing industrial pollution. However, these investments have not kept pace with the scope of water quality challenges. In 2008, Minnesotans demonstrated a renewed commitment to clean water. We voted to increased our sales tax and pass the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, providing 25 years of constitutionally-dedicated funding for clean water, habitat, parks and trails and the arts. With that vote came high expectations for results. Minnesotans want to know if our water quality is improving, declining or staying the same. Minnesotans also want to know if our drinking water is safe and will be available for future generations. We want to know if investments from the Clean Water Fund are making a difference. Each year until 2034, approximately $85 million from the Clean Water Fund will be invested in various water management activities- from testing and assessing the state's lakes, streams and groundwater, to installing conservation practices on the ground to protect and restore our waterbodies. This work is being done by thousands of people, from state policy makers to local landowners.
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