Fish Surveys for Three Pools in Minnehaha Creek and for Lake Hiawatha, Tributary to Minnehaha Creek, 2009

A fish survey was conducted on October 20-23, 2009 at four sites within the 22 mile Minnehaha Creek corridor. The number of fish species observed ranged from 8 to 12. The pool just beneath the dam at the Grays Bay outlet had the most largemouth bass and sunfish species of the four sites. The dominant fish at all four sites were black bullheads with very high catch rates at three of the sites. Carp, dogfish, and white suckers were common at those three sites as well. Overall fish biomass was dominated by low-oxygen tolerant species such as bullheads, carp, and dogfish. It appears much of the main Minnehaha Creek corridor is susceptible to winterkill and that is a major factor in structuring the fish community. After a winterkill, new fish likely make their way into the Minnehaha Creek system from Lake Minnetonka or Lake Harriet. Some fish, like minnow species. may find microhabitat refuges to overwinter. The existing fish community probably has an adverse impact on water quality in the creek and in the shallow connected lakes such as Meadowbrook and Hiawatha.
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