2010 Watershed Management Plan

The Capitol Region Watershed District (District) is a special purpose local unit of government created to manage and protect part of the Mississippi River Basin, along with the lakes, wetlands, and creeks that comprise the watershed and drain to the river. The District was established by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) in 1998. The District is governed by five Board Members, while the Districts programs, activities and initiatives are carried out by staff members, consultants and citizen volunteers. The mission of the District is to "To protect, manage and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District." The first watershed management plan for the District was adopted in 2000. Since then, the District has worked towards accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth in the 2000 plan. The District has developed programs, projects and capital improvement projects to manage and restore its resources. With the experiences of the last 10 years, the input of stakeholders, and a vision for the future, the District set out to establish new goals for its next 10 years of operation. This 2010 Watershed Management Plan meets the requirements specified in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103B and 103D and will be valid through 2020.
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Capitol Region Watershed District (St. Paul, Minnesota)
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