2014 Lakes Monitoring Report

This annual report focuses on the water quality of the five District lakes (Como, Crosby, Little Crosby, Loeb, and McCarrons) during the 2014 monitoring season (May through October). Specific water quality data (total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and Secchi disk depth) for each lake from 2014 were compared to previous monitoring years. Additional biological and physical parameter results (i.e. phyto- and zooplankton, macrophytes, fisheries, lake morphometry, water levels) are also included in this report. The purpose of this report is to characterize overall lake health and water quality in 2014 and examine trends over time, which in turn will inform lake management decisions for continued protection and improvement of District lakes. Previous annual monitoring reports (2005-2013) are available on the CRWD website at www.capitolregionwd.org.
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Capitol Region Watershed District (St. Paul, Minnesota)
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