Elm Creek Watershed Stressor Identification Report

This report summarizes the SID work in the Elm Creek Watershed that has been conducted to identify the likely causative stressors for the existing biological impairments. Stressors have been identified by comparing the structure of the biological assemblages to the relative occurrence of likely stressors known to limit biological integrity in similar stream-types. Throughout the report, potential stressors for fish and invertebrate assemblages are described using the strength of evidence (SOE) approach. This report is organized into five sections section to 1) provide an introduction to the biological assessment and SID processes, 2) provide a summary of the existing data that describe the Elm Creek Watershed and the corresponding biological impairments, 3) describe the potential stressors initially evaluated as potential causes of the biological impairments, 4) describe the likely stressors causing the biological impairments and 5) summarize future management and monitoring recommendations. Throughout this document, stressors are organized by Candidate Cause and discussed relative to the corresponding stream reaches.
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