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Infiltrate Rate Assessment for Woodland Cove
Street Sweeping - Report No. 2 Survey Questionnaire Results and Conclusions
State of the Red River of the North Assessment of the 2003 and 2004 Water Quality Data for the Red River and its Major Minnesota Tributaries
Lake Evaporation Response to Climate in Minnesota
Minnesota Climate in Century 21
Drinking water quality community water data & measures 1999-2007
A Subwatershed Assessment, Water Quality Management and BMP Retrofit Analysis for the Arctic Lake Subwatershed
HSPF Modeling for the Upper Mississippi Mainstem and Rum Rivers [Project]
Using Social Science Data to Evaluate Residential Stormwater Treatments in Duluth, Minnesota
Minnesota National Lakes Assessment Project: Aquatic Macrophytes in Minnesota Lakes
The development and application of a four-level rain garden assessment methodology

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