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The Condition of Minnesota's Groundwater, 2007 - 2011
The Minnesota Arsenic Study (MARS): Mechanism and Occurrence of Arsenic in Western Minnesota Groundwater
Minnesota Drinking Water 2015 Annual Report for 2014
Arsenic concentration variability in public water system wells in Minnesota, USA
St. Peter Wellhead Protection Program
Mountain Iron Well Head Protection Plan [City of Mountain Iron]
City of Faribault Wellhead Protection Plan
City of Big Falls Wellhead Protection Plan Part II
Statewide Groundwater and Drinking Water Protection [Project]
Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework Appendix G Background Papers - Drinking Water Protection Best Practices
Arsenic in Ground Water: Recent Research and Implications for Minnesota
Arsenic in Minnesota groundwater and its impact on the drinking water supply
Part II Wellhead Protection Plan
Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment Fifth Report to Congress
Nitrogen in Minnesota Ground Water

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