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Sedimentation Basin retention efficiencies for sediment, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus from simulated agricultural runoff
Minnesota's Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan
Mississippi River (Winona) Watershed Biotic Stressor Identification Report
Zumbro Watershed Management Plan: Sediment-Reduction Part
Rice County local water management plan: fourth generation
PROTECTING WATER QUALITY IN URBAN AREAS [Minnesota Pollution Control Agency]
Sediment Production Model for the South Branch of the Buffalo River Watershed
Objective B: Erosion control potential of aquatic/wetland plants
Adapting Shoreland BMPs for Climate Change in Minnesota
Modeling Soil Erosion with Cesium-137
A Sedimentation Pond for Carver County Ditch #4A [Project]
Duluth, MN Flood of June 2012 [City of Duluth]
Buffers and Vegetative Filter Strips
Rye Cover Crop Research [Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources] [Project]
Runoff and Soil Erosion during Spring Thaw in the Northern U.S. Corn Belt

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