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Bois de Sioux Watershed Detention Study
Watershed Planning Tool [Red River Basin Decision Information Network]
Lazarus Creek Retention Project [Presentation]
Floods of 1950 in the Red River of the North and Winnipeg River Basins
North Ottawa Project 2011 Operation – Hydro Review
Dobbins Creek :  Culvert Sizing Analysis GSSHA Model [Presentation]
Background on the March 13-14, 2007 Flooding in Browns Valley (Traverse County), Minnesota: Report to the Minnesota Governor's Office
Flood Damage Reduction - Grand Assistance Program
Flood Flow Contribution of the Upper Otter Tail River Watershed
Flood Damage Reduction: What Minnesota Has Done and Still Needs To Do...
A White Paper on Developing a High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Floodplain Mapping Program
Impacts of Subsurface Agricultural Drainage on Watershed Peak Flows Briefing Paper #1
Red River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Framework
Red River Valley Final 1993 Flood Damage Assessment

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