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Infiltrate Rate Assessment for Woodland Cove
Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District HYDRAULIC CAPACITY and MODEL CALIBRATION REPORT
Modeling and simulation of homogeneous nucleation in turbulent flows: physics, methods and realizable solutions
Feasibility Study of Raising Water Levels on Coon Lake Anoka County, Minnesota
Designing for Fish Passage in Minnesota Culverts [Presentation]
Establishing a Chlorophyll a Goal for a Run-of-the-river Reservoir
The development and application of a four-level rain garden assessment methodology
Hydraulic Impacts of Quarries and Gravel Pits
Hydrogeology of the Paleozoic bedrock in southeastern Minnesota, Report of Investigations
Como Lake TMDL
Large-scale and very-large-scale motions in turbulent pipe flow
Sinkholes, Sinkhole Probability, and Springs and Seeps


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