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Spring Characterization Methods & Springshed Mapping
Frego Creek Dye Trace
Use of a Triazine Immunoassay Method in a Volunteer Drinking Water Monitoring Network in Southeast Minnesota to Screen for Atrazine Compounds
Wabasha County local water management plan 2008 -2012 [Wabasha Soild & Water Conservation District]
Bellechester, Minnesota, USA, lagoon collapses
Southwest Minnesota Watershed Restoration and Protection Nitrogen Planning [Project]
Flow Path Characterization using Spring Thermographs
Peptidoglycan Degradation Fluorescence: Applications to Karst Groundwater Mapping & Poster
A Quantitative Dye Trace in the Bat River System
2 July 2007 Morehart Farm Dye Trace
Sinkholes, Sinkhole Probability, and Springs and Seeps

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