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2011 Water Quality Monitoring Report
Testing Pesticides and Degradates in Public Drinking Water
Solar Driven Destruction of Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Contaminants in Water [Project]
Swat modeling of sediment, nutrients and pesticides in the Le-Sueur River watershed, south-central Minnesota
State of the Minnesota River:  Water Quality Summary 2000-2008
Minnesota's Ground Water Condition: A Statewide View
Non-Agricultural Pesticide Sales 2006-2007 Examining Urban and Non-Agricultural Pesticide Trends in Minnesota
Conservation Buffers to Reduce Pesticide Losses
Great Lakes Regional Water Program Impact Report
2012 Water Quality Monitoring Report [Minnesota Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer Management]
An Assessment of Methods for Monitoring Urban Pesticide Use in Minnesota
Olmsted County Private Well Pesticide Sampling Project Results Summary
Pipestone County Private Well Pesticide Sampling Project Results Summary


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