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The development and application of a four-level rain garden assessment methodology
Runoff losses of Nutrients and soil from ground fall-fertilized after soybean harvest
Runoff and soil-loss responses to changes in precipitation: A computer simulation study
Regional Nutrient Trends in Streams and Rivers of the United States, 1993?2003
Effects of Drainage Projects on Surface Runoff from Small Depressional Watersheds in the North Central Region
Buffers and Vegetative Filter Strips
Lake-ground water interaction study at White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Development of Techniques to Quantify Effective Impervious Cover
Red River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Framework
Project Planning and Permit Evaluation Tool [Red River Basin Decision Information Network] [Presentation]
Stormwater Particles Sampling Literature Review
Reductions in Phosphorus Loading in the Sunrise River Watershed from Changing Selected Characteristics of Developed Land
Nonpoint-Source Pollution in the Upper Midwest: Investigations by St. Croix Watershed Research Station
A design aid for sizing filter strips using buffer area ratio


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