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Recycling Treated Municipal Wastewater for Industrial Water Use
The Future of Energy and Minnesota's Water Resources-final report
MINNESOTA'S WATER SUPPLY: Natural Conditions and Human Impacts
Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Interactive Effects of Controlled Drainage and Riparian Buffers on Shallow Groundwater Quality
Part II Wellhead Protection Plan: Public Water Supplier 1620024 [City of White Bear Lake, Minnesota]
Water Resources Sustainability
Twin Cities Water Supply Planning and Use of the Metro Model [Presentation]
Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework Appendix F Background Papers - Water Use in Minnesota
Water Supply Planning in the Twin Cities metropolitan Area [Metropolitan Council]
History of water supply Stillwater, Minnesota
Water Supply Management in Minnesota: Moving Toward Sustainability
North Shore Wastewater management Study [Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program]
Minnesota Groundwater Bibliography

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