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Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide
Mustinka River Turbidity TMDL Implementation
Measuring Hydrologic Benefits from Glacial Ridge habitat Restoration [Project]
An Economic Assessment of Wetland Mitigation in Northwest Minnesota
Minnesota's State-Funded Wetland Restoration Easements 1986-2008
CR 12/17 Wetland Restoration
Agri-Environmental Policy at the Crossroads: Guideposts on a Changing Landscape
The Agricultural Best Management Practices Handbook for Minnesota
Wetlands Restoration Strategy: A Framework For Prioritizing Efforts In Minnesota
Wetlands Regulation In Minnesota
Wetlands A Component of an Integrated Farming Operation
Brown's Preserve Drainage and Wetland Restoration Project
Native Vegetation Establishment and Enhancement Guidelines
Field Guide to Wetland & Buffer Plant Seedlings
Assessing the Barriers to and Potential for Wetland Restoration in Agricultural Watersheds


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