Lower St. Croix River Watershed Stressor Identification Report

This report summarizes SID work related to lakes in the Lower St. Croix River Watershed (LSCRW). In total, the LSCRW encompasses over 585,700 acres in eastern Minnesota and 1,088,000 acres in western Wisconsin. This report focuses on the Minnesota portion of the LSCRW (hereafter referred to as the LSCRW). Prior to western settlement, the LSCRW primarily consisted of hardwood forests and mixed savannahs; however, the watershed is presently characterized as mix of agricultural, forested, and developed land. Numerous cities are located within the LSCRW, including Oakdale, Forest Lake, Stillwater, North Branch, Lake Elmo, Wyoming, Chisago City, Oak Park Heights, Lindstrom, Scandia, Rush City, and Afton. Additionally, the LSCRW contains numerous lakes, rivers, and streams that vary widely in size and in condition, from relatively pristine to heavily developed. The fish index of biological integrity (FIBI) was used to assess 24 lakes in the LSCRW. Nine lakes had FIBI scores at or above the impairment threshold and were assessed as fully supporting aquatic life use. One lake was deemed to have insufficient information to make an assessment decision based on a lack of recent survey data. Two lakes assessed as inconclusive information were considered to be vulnerable to future impairment. Twelve lakes were assessed as not supporting aquatic life use because they had FIBI scores that were below the impairment threshold. This report reviews stressor information for the LSCRW lakes that were either assessed as not supporting aquatic life use or considered vulnerable to future impairment.
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