Minnesota River Headwaters and Lac qui Parle River Watershed Stressor Identification Report – Lakes

This report summarizes SID work in the Minnesota River – Headwaters and Lac qui Parle River watersheds which are adjacent and share many land use and other stressor patterns. They encompass over 2 million acres of land in Minnesota (about 990,000 acres) and South Dakota (about 1.1 million acres) primarily characterized as row crop agriculture and hay or pastureland and include the cities of Ortonville and Madison in Minnesota and Sisseton, Wilmot, Millbank, and Big Stone City in South Dakota. There are also numerous ponds, rivers, streams, and wetland complexes within these watersheds. The Fish-based Lake Index of Biological Integrity (FIBI) was used to assess Big Stone Lake in the Minnesota River – Headwaters Watershed and Lake Hendricks in the Lac qui Parle River Watershed. Lake Hendricks had two surveys completed on it with both surveys being below the impairment threshold (36) and below the 90% confidence limit (27) resulting in a not supporting assessment. The FIBI score for Big Stone Lake was equal to the impairment threshold value for similar lakes (36). Because of this, it was listed as fully supporting and vulnerable to future impairment based on the FIBI. This report reviews stressor information for these lakes.
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