Blue Earth River Watershed Stressor Identification Report - Lakes

This report summarizes SID work in the Minnesota portion of the Blue Earth River Watershed which encompasses over 1,000,000 acres of land in Minnesota (about 777,0000 acres) and Iowa (223,000 acres) primarily characterized as row crop agriculture, and includes the cities of Fairmont, and Blue Earth in Minnesota. There are also numerous ponds, rivers, streams, and wetland complexes within the Blue Earth River Watershed. The Fish-based Lake Index of Biological Integrity (FIBI) was used to assess ten lakes in the watershed to evaluate biological health. Nine of those lakes were assessed as not supporting aquatic life use based on FIBI scores that were below the impairment threshold established for similar lakes. Imogene Lake was assessed as insufficient information but vulnerable to future impairment and is included in this report. This report reviews stressor information for these lakes.
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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (St. Paul, Minnesota)
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