Burnsville Sanitary Landfill Expansion Project 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement

Waste Management, Inc. owns and operates the Burnsville Sanitary Landfill (Landfill or BSLI) under MPCA Permit No. SW-56 and Dakota County Solid Waste License No. 3378385. The Landfill presently is developed over 145 acres on a 360-acre parcel owned by Burnsville Sanitary Landfill, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc. The Landfill receives mixed municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste from the Twin Cities Metro Area. The proposed project is to expand the Landfill both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal expansion includes 42.2 acres of which 37.8 acres will be used for waste disposal. The vertical expansion consists of increasing the height of the fill by 6.5 feet over the permitted 80.6-acre disposal area. The proposed expansion will provide 6.2 million cubic yards of additional airspace. This Draft Environmental Impact Statement addresses impacts associated with the proposed expansion in regard to groundwater, air quality, alternatives, and economic and social impacts. Mitigation measures are recommended for unavoidable environmental impacts.
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