Root River Field to Stream Partnership: Summary of Water Monitoring Data 2010-2011 [Project]

In 2009 a group of diverse organizations came together to form the Root River Field to Stream Partnership (RRFSP). The purpose of this project is to conduct intensive surface and groundwater monitoring to measure the amount and sources of water pollution. For this project, the Root River watershed has been divided into three smaller areas referred to as sub-watersheds (Figure 1). Each sub-watershed has unique landscape features and geologic characteristics representative of the region. At least one edge-of-field and one in-stream monitoring station is located in each of the three areas (Table 1). This multiple scale monitoring design (edge-of-field and in-stream) will be used to help determine how and when sediment and nutrients are transported to surface waters in this region. Monitoring data collection began with snowmelt in the spring of 2010. The 2010 and 2011 data will be summarized in this report. It is important to understand there can be significant variabilitiy in annual precipitation timing and intensity, as well as other climatic factors, that affect sediment and nutrient loss. Conclusions should not be drawn from just one or two years of data.
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