Habitat Conservation Partnership (HCP) - Phase VII [Project]

With continued land use changes in Minnesota, areas that once served as important areas for fish, wildlife, and plant habitat have become fragmented and disconnected resulting in adverse impacts on these ecological communities. Strategic and coordinated efforts in protection, restoration, and enhancement of lands throughout Minnesota can create land and water corridors that reconnect remaining habitat areas and reverse some of the adverse impacts. This appropriation represents the seventh phase of an ongoing effort by a partnership of state, federal, and non-profit organizations, called the Habitat Corridors Partnership (HCP), to do such strategic and coordinated land protection, restoration, and enhancement. Earlier phases of this project have resulted in the protection, restoration, or enhancement of more than 100,000 acres throughout the state. Many of these projects matched Trust Fund money with non-state funds, stretching these dollars to provide a greater benefit to the state. This phase involves eight partners and is expected to result in the permanent protection of approximately 1,100 acres and restoration or enhancement of more than 630 acres. Projects from the individual partners are listed below.
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