Background Report and Draft Strategy : The District Role in Watershed Management Research

The Board has recognized that the field of stormwater management is a science, but that it has a number of specific areas where the "science" has not been perfected. The state of the practice of stormwater management is often required to move forward with "best professional judgment" while collecting data and new research to refine our approach and develop new technologies. We recognize that more information is needed to answer many of the difficult management issues and to guide effective decision making. This paper was initiated to address concerns raised by the Board of Managers and staff regarding the role of the District in completing or sponsoring watershed management research. In an effort to help define the current status of stormwater research, District staff conducted a literature search on existing research efforts to identify existing research projects and programs and also to identify research needs and gaps. This paper and the attachments provide this information. The identified objectives of this report are to: 1. Review and summarize the major stormwater and watershed research efforts in the U.S. and Minnesota. 2. Identify ongoing local research efforts (organizations and programs) and any programs that are new (start-up efforts/programs, e.g., Mississippi WMO and Minnehaha Creek WD joint research grant program). 3. Review and summarize Minnesota Watershed Management research needs and identify source of identified need. 4. Identify research gaps in existing programs or shortcomings of the programs when reviewed against identified and proposed Minnesota Watershed Research needs. 5. Discuss research needs that are clearly in the interest of the RWMWD. 6. Develop a proposed RWMWD research strategy for consideration by the Board of Managers, i.e., what type and scope of research should be funded by the District, what research should be cost-shared with other research institutions or organizations, and what type and scope of research should be completed or funded by other organization and institutions. 7. Develop recommendations to be shared with a larger audience of stormwater and watershed management professionals to encourage or promote a systematic and sustainable research program that addresses research gaps and future new issues.
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