Dual-purpose cover crops and onsite retention of water and nutrients [Project]

This project will assess cover cropping techniques that have dual purposes: improving water quality while simultaneously maintaining or enhancing financial profitability on the farm. The objectives are to compare cash-generating winter oilseed crops with more traditional cover crops (rye and radish) and conventional winter-fallow systems in terms of 1) onsite nitrogen and phosphorus retention and 2) cropping system seeds and oil yields and profitability. Oilseeds will be harvested and the terminated covers will be followed by spring-sown soybean in the same year. Additionally, the project will examine the state-wide adaptation of dual-cropping systems (winter oilseed followed by relay-sown soybean) at sites ranging from the northwest (Roseau) to mid-state (Morris) to the southeast (Waseca). More information about this project will be available during the summer of 2014. Please contact Luke Stuewe if you have questions.
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