Lake Assessment Program - Big Lake, Stearns County

Big Lake was sampled by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) during the summer of 2001 as a part of the Lake Assessment Program (LAP). This program is designed to assist lake associations or municipalities in the collection and analysis of baseline water quality data in order to assess the trophic status of their lakes. The general work plan for LAP includes Association participation in the Citizen Lake-Monitoring Program (CLMP), cooperative examination of land use and drainage patterns in the watershed of the lake, and an assessment of the data collected by MPCA staff. This study was conducted at the request of the Big Lake Aquatic Association and Stearns County. Big Lake was sampled on five occasions during the spring and summer of 2001. Participants in this effort included Jennifer Klang, Steve Heiskary, and Andrea Plevan (student intern) from the MPCA. The Todd County GIS Department assembled land-use and watershed information for Big Lake. Roger Johnson and Dave Mutschelknaus coordinated the Association's efforts on this study. Dr. Howard Markus, MPCA, conducted phytoplankton analysis.
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