Buffalo River Watershed Load Duration Curves

This memorandum summarizes the methods used for and results of creating load duration curves (LDCs) for twenty-two impaired stream segments (delineated by assessment unit identification (AUID) numbers) in the Buffalo River Watershed (BRW). Each of the 22 segments is impaired for aquatic recreation due to elevated E. coli levels; some of the reaches are also impaired aquatic life due to high turbidity. Results of the LDCs include computing necessary load reductions within each flow regime of the curve, which will be used to inform the development of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for these reaches. This effort was performed under Task 3 of the Buffalo River Watershed Restoration and Protection (WRAP) project. A list of the 22 AUIDs addressed in this memorandum is included in Table 1. Also included is an indication of the impairments that LDCs will be used to address, a list of water quality monitoring stations located within each AUID and the associated SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) model subbasin which was used to represent flows for creating the curves.
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