Geologic Controls on Groundwater and Surface Water Flow in Southeastern Minnesota and its Impact on Nitrate Concentrations in Streams: Local Project Area Report

This report summarizes the results of part of a Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) investigation conducted for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) designed to support watershed planning efforts in southeast Minnesota. The broader project provides better understanding of the geologic controls on nitrate transport in the region, including nitrate in groundwater that is the source of baseflow to streams. This report describes a local scale subproject focused on a relatively small part of the Root River watershed in Fillmore County. We conducted new mapping that provides a more detailed depiction of the geologic conditions in a three dimensional electronic format suitable for groundwater-surface water modeling. In addition, we used existing maps and reports along with new field data collected during the course of this project to improve the hydrostratigraphic characterization of the bedrock. This led to a more comprehensive understanding of the hydrostratigraphic attributes of bedrock that forms the Upper Carbonate Plateau, which dominates the landscape in the local project area. Cross sections within the local project area are used to illustrate how nitrate is transported in the ground and surface water system.
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