Lake Assessment Program - Big Kandiyohi Lake, Kandiyohi County

Big Kandiyohi Lake was sampled by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) during the summer of 1985 as a part of the Lake Assessment Program (LAP). This pilot program was designed to assist lake associations in the collection of baseline lake water quality data for the purpose of assessing the current trophic status of their lake. Big Kandiyohi Lake exhibited very high phosphorus concentrations in the summer of 1985, averaging 0.110 mg/1. Relative to a sample of 1,028 Minnesota Lakes, it would rank at the 12th percentile based on this concentration. This high concentration of phosphorus produced blooms of algae throughout the summer. Big Kandiyohi Lake would be classified as hypereutrophic based on these observations. Grab samples at selected tributaries to Big Kandiyohi Lake indicated generally high nutrient levels. These high nutrient levels are due in part to the previous loading of nutrients to an upstream lake, Lake Wagonga, and also drainage from agricultural lands.
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