Nest Lake Assessment Report 2008 Water Quality Update

Nest Lake is a 990-acre lake in Kandiyohi County within the North Fork Crow River watershed. Nest Lake is approximately 1 mile northwest of Spicer, MN and is located in the North Central Hardwood Forest Ecoregion (NCHF). The lake has a maximum depth of 40 ft and 525 littoral acres. Two public accesses are located around the lake. The main tributary to Nest Lake is the Middle Fork of the Crow River; Nest Lake outlets into Green Lake. The total watershed for Nest Lake is 121.5 square miles. This report is a review of recent work completed through the Middle Fork Crow River Lakes Partnership, the Middle Fork Crow River Watershed District, area volunteers, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. A diagnostic study of the entire watershed was completed in 2002, with follow up monitoring occurring from 2004 to present. References will be made to existing reports for additional data; this report will discuss the trophic state of Nest Lake based on all available summer (June to September) data available in STORET (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's national water quality data repository) through 2008.
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