Lake Assessment Program - Kabekona Lake, Hubbard County

Kabekona Lake is a large lake (2,252 acres) located in eastern Hubbard County. Land use in the watershed is characterized by forests (80 percent of the area) and water (lakes and wetlands - 11 percent). This land use composition is typical for lakes in this region of the state - the Northern Lakes and Forests (NLF) ecoregion (see Figure 1). Kabekona Lake was sampled during the summer of 1994 by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency WCA) staff and citizens from the Kabekona Lake Association (Association). Water quality data collected during the study reveal a summer mean phosphorus concentration of 9.5 pg/L, mean chlorophyll-a of 2.9 pg/L and Secchi transparency of 13.2 feet. The chlorophyll-a and Secchi values are on well within the range of values exhibited by reference lakes in this ecoregion. The phosphorus value, however, is better than the typical range of values exhibited by reference lakes in the NLF ecoregion. Total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a and Secchi transparency help to characterize the trophic status of a lake. For Kabekona Lake, these measures indicate mesotrophic conditions.
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