Adapting to Climate Change in Minnesota: 2013 Report of the Interagency Climate Adaptation Team

Climate change is already occurring in Minnesota and is affecting our state's environmental, economic and social systems. Minnesota state government is concerned about the impacts of a changing climate on our natural resources, economy, health, and quality of life, and is taking action to address these emerging challenges. Work on climate change can be categorized into two areas: adaptation and mitigation. Climate adaptation, the focus of this report, is defined as developing and implementing strategies, initiatives and measures to help human and natural systems cope with climate change impacts. State agencies are working to adapt to a changing climate and manage its risks by building a more resilient state. Climate change mitigation emphasizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of limiting the magnitude or progression of climate change. Minnesota state government has many policies and laws in place that have helped us to make significant progress towards our greenhouse gas reduction goals, including the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act.
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